Our Goal it to provide Simple IT Solutions
to help you manage your business needs.

We are focusing on using new technologies like AI and Deep learning to build
Customizable and Scalable products for any size business. At the same time secure
them with state of the art mechanism.


One of the most demanded products in the Market, a complete scalable Exam Management system, with Tiered access levels and many new features.

Click Sniper

A complete AI Clicker, you can utilize features like timers, or even an OCR to triger an actions or even multiple Actions. define time gap and type of click and location.

Virtual Human

Have you seen some programs in the movies that run many of the repetitive tasks by learning and watching the user? Simple versions in your Smart thermostat, we are developing a big brain by Deep Learning and AI to help businesses save a lot money! Keep in touch to get notified on new products.

Most Wanted!

You need a special IT solution for your Business? We are always around to help, just shoot an email or give us a call.